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2.20.10 On PTG



February 13, 2010 - March 27, 2010

In conjunction with the College Art Association’s annual conference—convening in Chicago, February 11-13, 2010 — four Chicago galleries are hosting exhibitions that feature the work of the 13 painters who comprised CAA’s Studio Art Session: Painting Panel. “What’s to be done about painting?” is a perennial yet ungraspable question that continues to spur contemplation and examination within the contemporary art apparatus. The first sentence to the catalogue essay accompanying the 1999 exhibition “Examining Pictures,” it is the rhetorical response to the statement “painting is dead.” This show investigates the position of painting and painting practices. It will not only ask: “what’s to be done about painting” but “how is painting valued?” How does painting assert its authority? What is painting’s speed? Can painting enact radical social and cultural critique? What is painting’s place within the mainstream? How does painting implicate itself in capital? As a means of examining these questions the artists Carrie Moyer, Ann Craven, Susanna Coffey, Anoka Faruqee, Peter Halley, Thomas Lawson, Judy Ledgerwood, Rebecca Morris, Sabina Ott, Jon Pestoni, Scott Reeder, Molly Zuckerman Hartung and Michelle Grabner presented a 10 minute position on painting at the panel. Each of these artists are exhibiting their work at four Chicago galleries.

The galleries ON PTG are at:

3311 West Carroll Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60624
312-725-6084 (gallery voicemail) / email:
exhibition: February 13 – 28, 2010
Artists: Thomas Lawson, Scott Reeder, Carrie Moyer and Michelle Grabner

Shane Campbell Gallery
1431 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622
312-226-2223 / email:
exhibition: February 13 – March 13, 2010
Artists: Ann Craven, Peter Halley and Jon Pestoni

Western Exhibitions
119 N Peoria St, 2A, Chicago IL 60607
312.480.8390 /
exhibition: February 13 – March 20, 2010
Artists: Anoka Faruqee, Judy Ledgerwood, Sabina Ott, Susanna Coffey and Richard Hull

Rowley Kennerk Gallery
119 N. Peoria St., #3C Chicago, IL 60607
773-983-0077 / 
exhibition: February 13 – March 27, 2010
Artists: Rebecca Morris, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Mary Heilmann and Varda Caivano

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- 119 North Peoria St. #3C, Chicago, IL 60607 -

Hours: Friday and Saturday, 12-6PM or Call for Appointment

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